War’s Shout

2015 – Current (Album in development)

Album started in 2015, the thematic is defined but there is an incessant sound exploration. You can follow the evolution because the songs are revealed and changed with time: The first demo of “Fera” (Beast) was revealed on a on-line video in March of 2015, the 2nd was shown in concert in December of 2015 and the 3rd was shared on-line in October of 2016. The songs “Silêncio” (Silence) and “Pedestal” were composed simultaneously and were revealed on-line in August and October of 2016. The song “Canção de Embalar” (Lullaby) was first revealed on small street concerts and only after on-line in April of 2017. Afterwards, between many compositions, I selected the first version of “Tentar ou Desistir” (Try or Give up) to reveal in April of 2018. With this album I change my artistic name to my own name and I continue to explore the sound of my “Grito de Guerra” (War’s Shout)…

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