Terms, conditions of use and privacy policy

With your consent this website/service collects small pieces of information that do not identify you and contains forms that in most cases do not ask for personal data. If you have any doubts you can use the contact form.
The information and data collected will never be shared with individuals or third parties without your consent, except when required by Law (State Bodies or Law Bodies).

Which information does this website / service collect and for what purpose is it used?


This website has a user registration and login system to allow access to more sections of the website and to allow reception of emails regarding the provided services/products. Other types of emails (such as content recommendations) might also be sent trough newsletters. You can unsubscribe from those at any time, without the need to delete your account and you’ll still receive the important emails about provided services/products.


If you are not registered, the information/data that this form requests will only be used to contact you regarding the subject you mention on your message.

Reactions and comments

Everyone’s reactions and comments are stored on a third-party service and shown publicly on the website, for members to interact with each other.

Online store

Despite having digital products only, the store might require you to add your address for legal reasons in specific situations. That information will only be used to deliver a full invoice and will be erased from the database after used (except for the country).


Other information that does not identify you, such as the web browser you are using, the operating system, the date and hour of the visit, the time of the visit, the country where you are, among others, are also collected by third-party services when consenting to analytical cookies.

When logged-in, some of the website interaction might be associated to your email using another third-party service.

To know more see the Cookie Policy and Third-Party services.

This data is used for analysis and management, so the services and the site can be adapted and improved according to the type of user.

Storage and security of collected data

The collected data (except credit card) is stored on the website’s database and in eventual emails and backups, both are protected and safe by many informatic methods (not only by the HTTPS secure line, but also by other methods, not disclosed here for security reasons) and being monitored by the administrator.

The data of not registered visitors, is only stored until the subject of the contact form is treated by the administrator and confirmed by the user. If it is not confirmed, this data is stored for the maximum period of one year.

Conditions and responsibilities

  • If a security or system failure is detected that compromises the data of any user, it is the administrator’s responsibility to warn affected users and resolve the problem within 72 hours.
  • Submission of forms and acceptance of these terms, conditions and policies should only be done by persons over 16 years of age.
  • This site/service does not ask for sensitive personal data, however nothing prevents the user from writing them in the message of a form. The administrator does his best not to keep such messages in the database, but it is up to the user to avoid sharing them. If you have to share them, you can always ask for later editing or deletion of the messages that you think necessary.
  • Other personal information that the user chooses to publicly share on the site, for example through comment forms, is the responsibility of the user. Including the comments previously analyzed by the administrator.
  • The administrator may at any time delete information/messages that have already been published that have ceased to comply with the terms and conditions and/or that are considered abusive and/or misleading.
  • Third-party services are mentioned on the website and may also be mentioned on emails to registered users. Those services are previously analyzed, used and considered reliable but the administrator can not be held responsible for the way users search or use the mentioned services.

Third-party services

The website’s server is located in the Netherlands, and it’s provided by: Hostinger.

For extra security and performance, the server and website are configured with: Cloudflare and Wordfence.

Store payments with credit card information are processed via: Stripe.

Website analytical data is managed on Google Analytics and Brevo. The tracking of Brevo associates some of the data with your email when logged-in.

Transactional emails are sent trough Brevo.

Comments and reactions are powered by a third-party service. Tracking and affiliate links were disabled, but that service might still show non-personalized ads and might use other external services. To learn more, read the terms, conditions and privacy policy of: Disqus. If you prefer, you can disable comments by not giving consent to functional cookies.

Forms submissions are protected against spam through third party services. For this purpose, these services may collect some data if that is necessary for providing the service. To learn more, read the terms, conditions and privacy policy of: Google reCAPTCHA.

Request of data export/deletion

At any time, you can request to export or delete all of your data using the contact form. After submitting, you will receive an email to authenticate and officialize your export/deletion request (In the case of the export, you will receive a link to download a file that is automatically deleted after 3 days).

I do not agree…

These terms, conditions of use, privacy and cookies policies seek to be in accordance with the general data protection regulation (GDPR), if you do not agree with them, you can avoid using multiple sections or the entire site/service, but if possible inform the administrator about the reason through the contact form. State what led you to disagree and what you think could be improved or more explicit. Thank you.

Updates of terms, conditions and privacy policy

Please note that these terms, conditions and privacy policy may be updated at any time without notice. If you are a registered user, you will be notified by email of these updates. It’s still recommended to check the date of the last update of this page and reading it with some frequency.

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