Mr.Dev.’s Widget/Module Features

Mr.Dev.’s Widget/Module Mr.Dev.’s Widget
+ Framework
Display Content Types
CMS Categories
CMS Posts / Articles
CMS Tags
WP Pages
Custom Items
Other (Products and other registered content types)
Content Selection
Override items’ content per widget / module
Choose maximum number of items
Manually include / exclude items
Choose parents to only display child items (parent categories, categories and tags)
Automatic exclude types of items (sticky/featured, with no items, different url and more)
Automatic sort items
Manual order items and pages
Pin items to start active
Themes & Layouts
Custom Layout with selectable options
Number of items per line and per page
Pagination toggles (including ‘infinite scroll’)
Tabs (with items, tags, categories or parent categories)
Autoplay change of page
Change what to display (including widget title and bottom link)
Show meta information (such as items’ categories, date and author)
Choose number of characters for titles and descriptions (Cleaning html)
Edit CTA’s link and link text per item or globally per widget / module
Images options
Background images
Thumbnail images
Parallax images
Choose thumbnail size
Select a fallback image
Global layout options
Window height items
Pagination toggles inside content
Do not inactive on click
Keep previously active items opened
When activating an item hide inactives
Only show active items
Other options
Show number of posts / articles on categories
Remember last active
Auto scroll to active
Change URL on active
Remember last active
Lazyload / Preload pages
Content file cache per widget / module
Change item titles html tag
Add custom classes to bottom link
Decompile only the needed CSS and JS per widget / module
Disable items’ content override
Hide widget / module sections to roles or users