Fazer LP

Perspective view of Fazer's site on desktop and phone

Fazer is a new Portuguese magazine about design, their one-page website was designed by Carvalho Bernau and developed by me.

This was a small coding project for Fazer’s first landing page, without backend and including a privacy policy for the newsletter. Nowadays they use WordPress and WooCommerce for their eCommerce website that I also developed.

I still showcase this one-page, because it was when I first used Tailwind, a cross-fade slider for background images (kudos to Dudley Storey) and a private Github repository for collaboration.

Although this was a coded project, I made it easier for the client to add and replace images to the background slider, with a dedicated JS file that only shows the necessary variables. Therefore, the only steps needed for the client were:

  • Upload images into dist/assets/slider.
  • Add the filename (including format) into the array ‘bgImageArray’, located in dist/assets/slider.js.