My new website is now live!

Marcos Rego Opengraph Image

Today marks the day I launch a new website.

A portfolio website including a client area, a blog and dark/light theme.

Why a new website?

The previous website made it’s purpose.

Back in 2014 I was still very divided between graphic design, web development and music. It made sense to have a website divided in those three categories.

But nowadays, with my work being mostly developing websites and plugins, the other two categories became obsolete and could generate some confusion even.

Because of that, it made a lot more sense to start working on a new website, instead of updating the content of the old one.

For that reason, the previous website was outdated for a time, but not anymore!

Needed more interaction with visitors and clients

A new website with a blog

The intention of the previous website was solely to show the projects on the many areas I worked on, because of that it had no good space for interaction with the visitors.

But now, by focusing on my work as web developer (and focusing on English speaking audiences), this new website can have a blog. One unique blog to keep my visitors up to date about many topics and even give some tips & tricks.

A new website with a client area

Although the projects as freelance were a niche comparing to the full-time job and naturally end to have less priority, I felt it was still a good idea to have an area specific for those few clients and ready for eventual future needs.

A client area that allows clients to renew their maintenance, request support, calculate quotes, see specific tutorials and more.

At the same time, this area allows those clients to be less dependent of me, when I can’t help them directly for having a full-time job.

A new showcase of my developed tools

This new website was made using some of the tools I developed from scratch, such as Mr.Utils and Mr.Dev.’s Framework. Tools that can also be used by other developers.

Remembering the old website

Here are some screenshots to remember the previous website.