Curious about me?

Working at the park

Hi there! I’m Marcos, I was born in 1991 in Lisbon (Portugal) and I’m a web developer.

About my work experience

Web Developer

I’ve been working professionally as a Web Developer since 2014.

You can find me on:


I started in a internship at Eventcluster for 6 months. There I worked on a already developed event booking platform as web content manager and junior developer. I optimized and helped the platform reach almost 800 results on the many sectors.


Then I moved to Browserbox (The company that developed the Eventcluster platform) where I developed around 40 Joomla websites as web developer during almost 5 years.


I also started activity as freelancer, where I developed:


And since March 2020 I’ve been working at Rydoo with the Marketing Team, developing new landing pages on the website and Hubspot.

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About my academic education

You can find me on:

Graphic Design

From 2010 to 2013, I did a bachelor in Graphic Design at Escola Superior de Artes e Design in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal (ESAD.CR)


Web Design

Then I did a one year post-graduation in Web Design, at Escola Superior de Tecnologias e Artes in Lisbon, Portugal (ESTAL)

There I was introduced to the essentials of coding in HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript and PHP and the final project was to apply that knowledge to develop a website from scratch, also developing a small back-end for it.

ESTAL where I studied Web Design

And still studying

My interest in coding continues to grow since then and I’ve been self-learning and modernizing my knowledge in this vast and rapidly changing area. Also adding knowledge in Sass, Twig, Blade and more recently React.

About my personal interests

I love music and I compose my own songs!

You can find me on:

I started playing guitar when I was in high-school and I immediately wanted to make my own songs and to be able to sing while playing. With love and patience I was able to achieve that and I shared my songs on-line and did some concerts. I was also part of a small band during high-school and part of a crazy funny band in college, called Die Kiri.

I was very influenced by artists such as Hyde, The Doors, Nick Cave, Led Zeppelin, Diabo na Cruz, B fachada, PJ Harvey, Nirvana, Tenacious D and more. You might find me covering some of their songs.

Unfortunately, nowadays I don’t have so much time to compose new songs but my love for music is always with me. I still find excitement knowing more about my favorite artists, watching concerts and recording some riffs and lyrics.

Other interests


I love travelling specially with the people closer to me.

Dining out

I love simple things, like dining out or have a nice drink with friends.

Favorite series, movies and games

I enjoyed a lot the Twin Peaks series and really any movie from David Lynch.

In terms of animated series and movies: Evangelion (first time I watched it entirely was trough eMule, anyone remembers it? lol)

In terms of games the epic Nier: Automata. To play on-line my guilty-pleasure is Rocket League.