Between November of 2014 and April of 2015 I worked on the company “Eventcluster”. Initially has “Web Content Manager” and after has “Junior Web Developer” helping to create and perfect the features of an already developed platform.

Besides the features and improvements shown on this page gallery I also did the following:

  • Created the simple url ‘eventcluster.pt/blog’ for the WordPress Blog.
  • Changed the platform addresses to be Friendly for Search Engines.
  • Added Meta Description and Meta Keywords.
  • Optimized the Platform’s User Experience.
  • Increased Speed by using cache and compressing / reducing Images, Javascript and CSS files.
  • Added Google Adsense and alternatives for Ad Blockers

Has Web Content Manager I’ve gathered a lot of information on many sectors and inserted them in the platform’s backoffice, helping Eventcluster reach more than 791 results to show on the many sectors.

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