Gift & Craft

Perspective view of Gift & Craft's site on desktop and phone

A discontinued platform that was developing personalized gifts, handcrafted in Portugal by the best craftsmen.

This website was designed by Itemzero and developed by me.

Some key features of this website were:

  • Sticky galleries with zoom on mouseover. Showing all images on larger screens, becoming sliders that show two photos at a time on medium screens and sliders of one image at a time on smaller screens.
  • Forms to request a quote with the option to send a file, with the logo for the personalized product.
  • The forms have integration with Google Spreadsheets, so all data is organized and kept on a different database for extra security.
  • Use of Mr.Dev.’s Widget, to display a header image on each category with a parallax effect. This is possible by using the options “Set Item image as first image found on category description” and “Only show categories of current url”. Know more